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A simple IRC web client.



Requires an IRC WebSocket server.

First install dependencies:

npm install --production

Then configure an HTTP server to serve the gamja files. Below are some server-specific instructions.


Add a WebSocket listener to soju, e.g. listen wss://

Configure your reverse proxy to serve gamja files and proxy /socket to soju.


Setup webircgateway to serve gamja files:

enabled = true
webroot = /path/to/gamja

Then connect to webircgateway and append ?server=/webirc/websocket/ to the URL.


If you use nginx as a reverse HTTP proxy, make sure to bump the default read timeout to a value higher than the IRC server PING interval. Example:

location / {
	root /path/to/gamja;

location /socket {
	proxy_read_timeout 600s;
	proxy_http_version 1.1;
	proxy_set_header Upgrade $http_upgrade;
	proxy_set_header Connection "Upgrade";
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-For $remote_addr;
	proxy_set_header X-Forwarded-Proto $scheme;

If you are unable to configure the proxy timeout accordingly, or if your IRC server doesn't send PINGs, you can set the server.ping option in config.json (see below).

Development server

If you don't have an IRC WebSocket server at hand, gamja's development server can be used. For instance, to run gamja on Libera Chat:

npm install --include=dev
npm start -- irc.libera.chat

See npm start -- -h for a list of options.

Production build

Optionally, Parcel can be used to build a minified version of gamja.

npm install --include=dev
npm run build

Query parameters

gamja settings can be overridden using URL query parameters:

  • server: path or URL to the WebSocket server
  • nick: nickname
  • channels: comma-separated list of channels to join (# needs to be escaped)
  • open: IRC URL to open
  • debug: if set to 1, debug mode is enabled

Alternatively, the channels can be set with the URL fragment (ie, by just appending the channel name to the gamja URL).

Configuration file

gamja default settings can be set using a config.json file at the root:

	// IRC server settings.
	"server": {
		// WebSocket URL or path to connect to (string). Defaults to "/socket".
		"url": "wss://irc.example.org",
		// Channel(s) to auto-join (string or array of strings).
		"autojoin": "#gamja",
		// Controls how the password UI is presented to the user. Set to
		// "mandatory" to require a password, "optional" to accept one but not
		// require it, "disabled" to never ask for a password, "external" to
		// use SASL EXTERNAL, "oauth2" to use SASL OAUTHBEARER. Defaults to
		// "optional".
		"auth": "optional",
		// Default nickname (string). If it contains a "*" character, it will
		// be replaced with a random string.
		"nick": "asdf",
		// Don't display the login UI, immediately connect to the server
		// (boolean).
		"autoconnect": true,
		// Interval in seconds to send PING commands (number). Set to 0 to
		// disable. Enabling PINGs can have an impact on client power usage and
		// should only be enabled if necessary.
		"ping": 60
	// OAuth 2.0 settings.
	"oauth2": {
		// OAuth 2.0 server URL (string). The server must support OAuth 2.0
		// Authorization Server Metadata (RFC 8414) or OpenID Connect
		// Discovery.
		"url": "https://auth.example.org",
		// OAuth 2.0 client ID (string).
		"client_id": "asdf",
		// OAuth 2.0 client secret (string).
		"client_secret": "ghjk",
		// OAuth 2.0 scope (string).
		"scope": "profile"


Send patches on the mailing list, report bugs on the issue tracker. Discuss in #soju on Libera Chat.



Copyright (C) 2020 The gamja Contributors